Meet The Reel Sisters

“A fly-fishing outfit has 5 main tackle components: the fly, the leader, the fly line, the rod and the reel. These components work together most efficiently when they are balanced, or matched to one another.”—L.L.Bean Ultimate Book of Fly fishing

Meet the Girls!  Come along on the journey of 5 amazing fly fisher women.

Rod: Rose — Rose is an older character in the book, and acts much like the rod in a fly fishing outfit.  The rod is the traditional symbol of the sport.  The long, slender and graceful fly rod is second only to the fly line in importance. The fly rod transfers energy and control from the fly fisher to the line, leader, and the fly. Rose is the support system for The Reel Sisters, much like the rod supports all the other working parts.  She owns a cabin in the mountains right on the river where the girls often have their fly fishing adventures.

Reel: Sophie — Sophie is well versed in taking care of everyone else’s needs but her own. She is metaphorically represented by the Reel in our story.  The primary function of a fly reel is to contain the backing, the fly line, and the leader, and to retrieve line and aid in fighting fish. While you are fighting a fish, the reel provides a variable degree of resistance (called drag) that helps tire a strong-swimming fish as it pulls line off the reel. Sophie does a lot to help Amanda and Veronica in their fishing skills and life in general. She is a great fisherwoman and passes down her knowledge to these two in particular.

Leader: Veronica — Veronica is a leader in her daily life, and is represented by the leader in the fly fishing outfit.  The leader is a light, nearly invisible extension of the heavy highly visible flyline, which aids in presenting and manipulating the fly. The leader also assists the fly line’s front taper in casting and presenting the fly and letting the fly float, swim, or sink in the most natural manner. Veronica, in her profession, is a definite leader. She will have a distinct role in helping Melody—hence, letting the fly float, sink or swim…

Fly Line: Amanda — Bright on the outside with a level, braided core on the inside.  This perfectly describes who Amanda is in the story.  The fly line, with its linear casting weight, is the key component of the fly-tackle system. The core gives the fly line most of its strength. The fly line appears to the user of other casting methods, to be unusually thick.

Flies: Melody — Melody will, no doubt, be our most colorful character in the book. Fly fishing flies can be very colorful and barbed.  Melody is covered with piercings and tattoos, and has a colorful lifestyle.  She is a little rough around the edges, much like a fly.

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