The Reel Sisters is a story about a group of women fly fishers written by Michelle Cummings.  In fly fishing, there are five main components to a fly rod, and there are five women in my story.  Each of their personalities match a different characteristic of a fly fishing outfit. (rod, reel, line, leader and fly).  The Reel Sisters is a story about the power of women friendships, and how we learn a little bit about ourselves each time we step into the river.  Each character is on her own personal journey, and when difficult times hit, each woman weathers the storm in her own unique way.   You’ll be hooked from the start!

Released November 3, 2017.

“A fly-fishing outfit has 5 main tackle components: the fly, the leader, the fly line, the rod and the reel. These components work together most efficiently when they are balanced, or matched to one another.”—L.L.Bean Ultimate Book of Fly fishing

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